LG G4 may be world’s first 3K smartphone

LG-G3-design-looks-to-take-on-Galaxy-S5Although some manufacturers have been sceptical about the idea of increasing smartphone display resolutions much higher, it seems like LG is keen to set itself apart from the crowd, with the latest rumours suggesting that the upcoming G4 could come with a 3K screen, according to TechRadar.

The G4 is going to be the successor to the LG G3, which made waves thanks to its QHD panel last year. Rising to 3K would give it a 1620×2880 resolution, which is not quite up there with the 4K TVs of today, but does mean that even more pixels will be packed onto its panel than any other handset at the moment.

Some sources suggest that the 3K version of the LG G4 will not be the standard iteration, but rather a special edition which is exclusive to certain network providers. Whether or not this is true remains to be seen, but all should be revealed once it is launched.

Last week, a Huawei spokesperson came out against the rise of 3K and 4K displays, arguing that in mobile devices, they are simply too much of a drain on the battery to be practical. So do not expect them to appear on a wide range of devices this year.

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