LG G5 tipped for MWC 2016 launch

LG G5?

Earlier this week LG sent out an invite to members of the media indicating that it has something big to unveil at the Mobile World Congress industry show, which will take place in Barcelona next month. And it is expected that the South Korean manufacturer will be introducing its next-generation flagship during this event, just 10 months after its predecessor emerged.

The LG G5’s earlier than expected arrival is being put down to the fact that the firm is keen to avoid its rivals, Samsung and HTC, getting their own top tier devices out ahead of it.

In terms of specs, the Android G5 is anticipated to feature a display measuring up to 5.6 inches across the diagonal with a QHD or even 4K resolution, to up the ante in terms of clarity. A Snapdragon 820 chipset with 3GB of RAM is also on the cards, although there are still questions about the final hardware features that only LG will be able to answer at launch.

MWC is always a major event in the mobile calendar and this year it could be LG’s time to outshine its competitors if the G5 does land early.