LG has two top tier smartphones in development

The old LG G4

LG has confirmed that it will be launching not one but two flagship handsets over the course of 2016, giving it a better chance of becoming competitive at a time when its rivals are working harder than ever to outdo each other.

The first of the two to arrive is likely to be the G5, which is set to make its debut next month at MWC 2016. Not much is known about this handset so far, although rumours suggest that it will come with benefits such as a removable battery, which is mounted in its own slide-out tray, mirroring the way SIM cards are accessed on some devices.

The second flagship is thought to be the LG V11, which will follow on from last year’s V10. This is likely to feature the same dual-display setup on the front as its predecessor, along with a pair of cameras integrated above the panels, to provide impressive photographic capabilities.

LG has been playing catch-up to companies like Samsung and Apple with its recent flagship arrivals, so 2016 will be another year in which its attempts to claw back some market share are especially critical to its long term success.