LG integrates interface updates for new V30 handset

LG V30The arrival of the LG V30 is just around the corner, but plenty of information about the phone has already been publicised to help drum up enthusiasm for its unveiling.

One element already in the public sphere is the interface design, which offers an improved experience over LG’s past offerings, paying particular attention to the dual-display setup that the V30 itself will embrace.

Always-on screen features include the ability to not just view time and date info in real time, but also add pictures, check up on notifications and control media playback.

Improved camera hardware has also led to new software being developed to harness the twin-lens potential, while still giving users the option to download additional photography apps if they wish.

LG is following in Samsung’s footsteps by embracing facial scanning to boost handset security, meaning that there is no need to rely on old fashioned passwords or even a fingerprint to unlock the display.

With a six inch AMOLED panel, the V30 will be a true phablet that is both big enough to bother the competition and designed to offer an intuitive user experience thanks to software updates.