LG jumps on OLED bandwagon

LG V30The next high end handsets launched by LG could feature OLED displays, with the South Korean firm expected to be ditching the older LCD panel technology upon which it has relied in previous generations, according to sources quoted by the Investor.

The first handset to make this leap will be the LG V30, which is scheduled to touch down in the second half of the year. Then when 2018 rolls around and the LG G7 lands, it too will sport an OLED panel to rival those found on Samsung’s top tier devices.

There are a number of benefits offered by OLED smartphone screens compared with LCD displays, chief among which are the lower energy consumption, improved colour saturation and contrast ratios. Flexibility is another asset, enabling handsets like the Samsung Galaxy Edge models to emerge with curved screens in recent years.

Of course, LG is not entirely a stranger to OLED technology, but it has yet to embrace it for mainstream mobiles, instead harnessing it for models with niche appeal, like the G Flex.

This may only be a rumour, but with Apple also thought to be moving towards OLED tech for the next iPhone, it seems that LG is not alone in coveting a change.