LG kicks off global release of X Power2

LG X Power2Battery life is a big issue for many smartphone users, which is why LG has chosen to address it with the all-new X Power 2 handset. And this week it was confirmed that the handset will be hitting the UK in the coming weeks, following its initial release in North America.

The main benefit of this mobile is its 4500mAh battery, which LG claims is big enough to allow users to watch videos for 18 hours before it is depleted, or browse the internet for 19 hours in a row on a single charge.

This should mean that the X Power2 can cope with well over a day of normal use, easily outdoing a number of higher end handsets that might need to be topped up before the sun has set.

Tech Radar reports that the rest of its specifications are solid if not earth shattering, with a 5.5 inch 1080p screen and a CPU with eight physical cores giving it the ability to go toe to toe with other mid-range smartphones.

A UK price for the X Power2 has not yet been set, but people who are sick of having to take their phone charger with them everywhere could be willing to pay a premium for this device.