LG may build Google's next flagship smartphone

Google Nexus 6
Will LG make the Nexus 7?

The next smartphone from Google to bear the Nexus nametag may be put together by South Korean manufacturer, LG, according to TechRadar.

Although it was previously suggested that Chinese firm, Huawei who make the popular Honor 6, may well be chosen as the hardware partner on the Nexus 7, LG seems to have moved to the front of the pack. And while eagle-eyed observers will have noted that there is already a range of Nexus 7 tablets, the smartphone equivalent is still likely to stick with this moniker, for the sake of numeric consistency.

LG has worked with Google before, providing the underpinnings for the Nexus 4 and 5. And it seems likely that the device will be based on the same platform as one of LG’s existing or upcoming devices, with the G4 looking like a good candidate to fill this role.

Google’s Nexus range has been defined by offering cutting edge hardware at a cut down price point, which is a trend that the new flagship will presumably follow too. If Huawei did get the gig after all, it would be a coup for the company, which is still looking to establish itself as a reputable brand in the west.

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