LG Optimus L9 makes first appearance

LG Optimus L9

LG is introducing a brand new Android smartphone to the market this year, with the Optimus L9 attempting to offer big screen thrills at a more affordable price point than some of its rivals.

The L9 will have a 4.7 inch touchscreen display, which shares the same dimensions as that of the HTC One X, while coming close to matching the Samsung Galaxy S3 for sheer area.

However, with a dual core 1GHz processor, it is not going to offer the same levels of performance as these two aforementioned quad core beasts.

You get a generous 2150mAh battery, which should help keep the L9 running for at least 24 hours with moderate use, although these new big screen phones tend to be unavoidably power hungry.

Android 4.0 will be preinstalled on the Optimus L9, with LG taking the time to adjust the interface to help it stand out from other similarly equipped phones.

LG is touting the Optimus L9 as a big screen smartphone with high end specifications, which is aimed at a mainstream market, although whether or not it can live up to this will depend on its price, which should be revealed in the next few days.

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