LG plans next-gen smartphone camera technology

LG’s Next Gen Smartphone

Each new generation of mobiles comes with improved photographic capabilities, with LG revealing that it will be introducing its very own advanced camera hardware in its next range of smartphones.

The company claims that it is working on optical zoom technology, which is scaled down to the point that it will fit easily onboard the slender smartphones that modern consumers expect to buy.

Optical zoom is a common feature of standalone digital cameras, but in the mobile market, it is not something we see very often, because it inevitably adds bulk to the device in question.

However, LG’s Jakyung Jeon, said that researchers were developing camera technology with 16 megapixel sensors, optical zoom and built in image stabilisation.

Mr Jeon also said that LG is going to use a mechanical shutter device on its future phone cameras, which should help to further tweak the image quality.

Nokia’s PureView range has made the question of megapixel count somewhat redundant, or at least a concern that consumers do not put at the top of their agenda when choosing a smartphone for photography.

Hopefully, LG’s advances will trickle through to other manufacturers, so that the next generation of smartphones offers superior image capturing capabilities.

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