LG V20 will pack four cameras

LG V20Dual camera setups seem to be all the rage in the mobile market at the moment and LG is taking this a step further by including pairs of snappers on both the front and rear surfaces of its next flagship, the V20.

It was initially thought that the twin front-facing cameras of the older V10 were not going to be replicated for its successor, but new official images released by the manufacturer disprove this.

The V20 will also sport two displays rather than one, with the main screen backed up by a smaller, thinner panel mounted at the top.

By fitting two cameras to the rear of the V20, LG gives users the option to either shoot with a wide angle lens, or opt for a standard aspect ratio if they wish. More photographic features are set to be announced in the near future, perhaps singling out this handset as the best choice for people who love taking pictures and recording video.

All day shooting should be facilitated thanks to the expected 4000mAh battery that the LG V20 is likely to feature, while the Snapdragon 820 chipset at its core should make capturing images feel slick.