LG Venus kf600 released – review and deals

LG kf600 venusThe LG Venus (model number kf600) has just been released on o2 contracts. The LG Venus is unusual as it has two front screens with the lower being a touch screen with something called haptic vibration feedback. This apparently gives the user feedback depending on which keys are in use!

Having a touchscreen for navigation is a great idea as the buttons aren’t static and can change to match whatever feature you’re using – e.g. if you’re using the MP3 player, you will see play, pause, stop, forward and backwards buttons but on the main menu the buttons will change to your favourite short cuts such as messages, address book and calendar.

There is also a normal numeric keypad on the Venus too and the following features:

  • Slider phone
  • Bluetooth
  • Email
  • 2 megapixel camera
  • Music player
  • MicroSD card memory (expandable to 8gb)

To see the launch deals for the LG Venus kf600 click the following link:

Compare LG kf600 mobile phone deals

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