LG’s Next Smartphone Set for Release This Month

The G8S ThinQ may not have the catchiest name on the smartphone market, but manufacturer LG is hoping that it will capture the attention of consumers when it finally goes on sale later in July.

Beneath its sleek exterior there are a number of range-topping components, including a hefty 6GB of RAM that is coupled with the Snapdragon 855 processor.

Camera capabilities are suitable impressive as well, with three lenses on the rear allowing for standard, wide-angle and low-light shooting modes.

The front-facing camera array consists of two lenses, one of which is dedicated to helping the G8S provide facial recognition capabilities for unlocking and other biometric scanning benefits.

The display measures 6.2 inches across the diagonal and packs a solid 1080×2248 resolution, making use of an OLED panel to deliver rich colours and a decent contrast ratio. 

One of the main selling points of this phone could be its 3.5mm headphone socket – a feature that has been sorely lacking on a number of other high-end handsets from LG’s rivals like Samsung and Apple.

Rounding out the tech specs of this phone are its 128GB of built-in storage and its waterproof chassis, giving it a well-rounded set of capabilities that might convert some customers to LG.

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