Life-saving properties of hard-wearing smartphone revealed

Caterpillar s60 phoneEarlier this month machinery manufacturer, Caterpillar, hit the headlines by unveiling the S60, its latest branded smartphone designed to be tough enough to withstand the tricky conditions encountered by users working in construction, demolition, agriculture and other industries.

One of the most interesting features of this waterproof, shockproof device is not its durability but in fact the integrated camera which offers FLIR technology. This, essentially, means that it can capture footage in the infrared spectrum, enabling it to display heat signatures of anything at which it is pointed.

Now it is thought that another group of potential users could benefit from this thermal imaging feature, with TechRadar reporting that emergency service workers in the UK could use it to help pinpoint people who are in trouble, whether while trapped in a burning building or other hazardous environments.

At the moment, the cost of thermal cameras means that they are only available in a limited number to those working in the emergency services. But the suggestion is that by adopting the Caterpillar S60 smartphone, fire fighters would be better equipped to save lives.

Furthermore, average mobile users might consider making this their next purchase if they are forever dropping and damaging their portable devices.