Live Wallpapers coming to Windows Phone 8

Live Wallpapers Windows Phone 8
Live Wallpapers Windows Phone 8

Microsoft is likely to extend the functionality of its Live Tile system in Windows Phone 8 to include the previously static lock screens.

The Verge reports that this will be one of the major new features revealed when the platform launches officially this week.

While Windows phone 7 and 7.5 had lock screens displaying an image along with the time and date, now even more information will be available without having to unlock the device.

This will include things like real time updates for scores in sports matches, as well as social networking messages and breaking news.

Lock screens have become far more advanced on Android over the past few years, with most devices now offering users the ability to launch apps directly, without having to find the homescreen shortcut.

However, Microsoft’s approach will completely remove the need to launch apps, since the information that they normally provide will be dumped onto the lock screen automatically each time.

The first two high end Windows Phone 8 devices will be arriving in November, with Nokia leading the charge with its Lumia 920 and HTC taking it on at the top of the market with the 8X.

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