Luxury Android smartphone revealed

Emerald Night mobile cell phone
Emerald Night mobile cell phone

While modern smartphones can be snapped up for less than £100, there are some manufacturers that deliberately go out of their way to make expensive handsets to appeal to an elite audience of rich and famous people. The latest opulent mobile option to emerge is designed by Savelli and costs a cool quarter of a million pounds, according to Pocket Lint.

Running Android, the Emerald Night is a smartphone like no other thanks to the fact that its exterior is encrusted with hundreds of precious stones and decked out with 18 carat rose gold detailing.

Only 11 of these Android devices will be released, which perhaps further explains why such a high asking price is being placed on them.

Savelli spokesperson and chief exec, Alessandro Savelli, told CNN that this smartphone is not really attempting to compete with other mobile devices, but is, instead, more targeted at replacing the kinds of luxury watches and jewellery accessories that well-to-do customers might otherwise take out and about with them.

The strangest thing about these types of over the top specialist smartphones is that they tend to look good on the outside but pack less than stellar components under the bonnet. So a Samsung Galaxy Note 4 or iPhone 6 Plus is likely to be more powerful.

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