Major changes promised for Samsung Galaxy S10

Samsung S9
Samsung S9

The next flagship smartphone from Samsung will boast a design that distinguishes it from its predecessors in a number of remarkable ways, according to the chief exec of the Korean conglomerate’s mobile arm.

Head honcho DJ Koh gave a public statement last week in which he said that Galaxy S10 will be decked out in a variety of engaging colours, hinting at the first of the shake-ups that this device will represent as it disrupts the design norms of the range.

One facet that the S10 will likely lack is that of physical flexibility, as it is believed that this will be reserved for the Galaxy X, a long-rumoured handset that has yet to get a confirmed release date.

Insiders have suggested that there will be three different editions of the S10 when the range is announced in the spring of 2019, fitting into different price points and size categories. The most powerful will apparently sport a primary camera array consisting of three lenses, giving it the photographic edge over rivals like the iPhone XS.

More details should emerge in the coming months, with next year shaping up to be an exciting period for the smartphone market as a whole.

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