Mango update previewed for Windows Phone 7

Image courtesy of Geeky Gadgets

Windows Phone 7 users will be rejoicing at the news of the next significant update, tentatively called Mango, which will add a host of improvements to the operating system.

The Mango update was shown off at a conference in Las Vegas this week, with video acquired by WinRumours showing its improved multitasking abilities and the arrival of key services such as Spotify.

Multitasking will allow app switching which pauses games and services rather than requiring that they are rebooted from scratch. A long hold on the back button will bring up the list of open apps attributed to individual tiles, which users will then be able to tap to jump back into the action.

The arrival of music streaming service Spotify on Windows Phone 7 will be another big leap for the platform, with Skype and Layar also destined to arrive once the Mango update is initiated at some point in the autumn.

This week has seen even more good news arrive for WP7 users, as Angry Birds is going to make its debut on the Xbox Live marketplace on the 25th of May, complete with close to 200 levels and various achievements to be earned.

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