MeeGo update inbound for N900

Nokia n900
Nokia n900 update incoming

Nokia has said that the ageing N900 smartphone will be getting an update that will replace its Maemo 5 operating system with the long delayed MeeGo platform, which the firm has created in partnership with Intel.

This news has emerged after a Nokia executive emailed developers stating that the manufacturer was considering taking this action in order to make the N900 more attractive to mobile software designers.

What makes this announcement most intriguing is that the recent confirmation of Nokia’s relationship with Microsoft and the firm’s future support for Windows Phone 7, had made the release of a MeeGo handset look less likely.

MeeGo is an open-source smartphone platform which, like the original N900, will appeal to hardcore users and professionals who want flexibility and power in a device, which would not be considered user-friendly by a mainstream audience.

Clearly there are not going to be any big name MeeGo based launches with Windows Phone 7 becoming Nokia’s primary platform of choice, but the fact that it is going to be released for a handset which hit the market in 2009, is still an impressive fact and one which shows that Nokia is not putting its entire focus on a Microsoft product.

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