Microsoft debuts new mobile browser

ThSpartan for Windows Phoneis week saw the arrival of the latest preview version of Windows 10 for phones, with the biggest addition being access to the brand new mobile browser, which Microsoft has been working on for its next mobile operating system.

Known as Project Spartan, this is not your typical Internet Explorer experience, or rather it is being branded as a distinct entity from Microsoft’s long running browser family. And this could well be a sensible move, given that IE’s reputation and market share are both at an all time low.

The new underpinnings of Project Sparta are intended to make it quicker to load pages and render elements than its rivals, which means on mobile devices it should be a very nippy performer.

Windows 10 is set to launch later in the year and represents a more unified approach to software than has been seen from any of Microsoft’s rivals. That means desktops, laptops and smartphones should share the same ecosystem of apps and services, allowing for easy migration from one device to the next, while the user experience remains consistent.

Windows 10 will, hopefully, be available on existing models running Windows Phone 8.1, although backwards compatibility for all devices is not guaranteed.

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