Microsoft ditches Android commitment

Image via playfuldroid.comWhile some thought it would never happen in the first place, the relationship between Microsoft and Google’s Android mobile operating system has been brought to a close almost as soon as it was first announced.

Microsoft-owned Nokia had released a number of Android phones so far this year, including the cheap and cheerful Nokia X. But there will be no more models featuring this third party OS, according to TechRadar.

The existing Android phones from Nokia are not going to be ditched completely, as Microsoft has announced its intentions to rebrand them as Windows Phone handsets and install its own software onboard, rather than relying on something developed by rival, Google.

This news comes at the same time as the announcement that 14,500 jobs are being axed within Nokia, following its recent acquisition by Microsoft.

The Nokia X was a well received device from a critical standpoint, using a heavily modified version of Android which put the emphasis on solutions made by Microsoft.

Of course, using Android at all seemed relatively redundant given how vehemently Microsoft had attempted to hide its presence, so few will be surprised by this turn of events, that ends the briefest of partnerships.

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