Microsoft Lumia 650 may launch next month

Lumia 950
The Lumia 950 – what will the Lumia 650 look like?

Microsoft is apparently planning the release of its latest and possibly final Lumia-brand smartphone, with the Lumia 650 set to make its debut next month, according to Windows Central.

With a five inch display packing a 720p resolution, a modest Snapdragon processor and a single gigabyte of RAM, the 650 will certainly be among the more affordable devices on the market. And industry insiders also believe that it will be the last Lumia handset to emerge from Microsoft, with the US firm reportedly deciding to cancel its other impending handset launches, in favour of a major rebrand.

The motivation behind this move is, allegedly, the idea that Microsoft will be launching its very first Surface Phone in the second half of the year, tying its tablet and mobile products together under the same nametag.

One of the benefits of the Lumia 650 being the last hurrah is that it will be attainable enough to make sure that the Windows 10 Mobile operating system is available to a wider audience. In the interim, owners of older Lumia devices running Windows Phone 8.1 will still have to wait for an update to bring the new platform to their devices.