Microsoft promises central management of Windows 10 Mobile update distribution

Windows 10Android and Windows Phone users will know that even when a software update for their smartphone is announced, the process of rolling it out can take weeks or months. This is because there are so many third parties involved, with hardware manufacturers and network providers stifling the progress as they make their own alterations.

Apple users, on the other hand, benefit from getting iOS updates almost immediately because the company controls the software and hardware alike. And this is an approach which Microsoft is intending to take with the arrival of Windows 10 Mobile, according to WMPowerUser.

In a statement, the company revealed that it is eager to bring updates to customers as soon as possible, addressing everything from security issues to the addition of fresh features.

Microsoft did say that it is going to be working with network providers, which means that there will still be other parties involved in the process. But this should not get in the way of the rollout of Windows Phone updates to the same degree as in the past, especially now that the software giant is also responsible for its own-brand Lumia range of smartphones.