Microsoft promises quick updates for Windows 10 handsets

Windows 10Once Windows 10 launches on smartphones later in the year, Microsoft has committed to making sure that customers are not left in limbo when updates for the platform are made available.

At the moment, most people have to wait for updates to filter from developers through to network providers and then on to customers, which can take many months and means that the ecosystem becomes fragmented.

However, Microsoft told ZDNet that it is going to roll out Windows 10 updates without involving network providers, creating a more direct approach which echoes that taken by Apple with iOS.

This is relevant for a number of reasons, most notably because important security updates and interesting new features will be available to all Windows 10 users at the same time, rather than some people having to wait a lot longer than others.

Windows 10 will be a very cohesive operating system that spans smartphones and tablets as well as desktop and laptop computers. So it will be interesting to see whether Microsoft can keep this entire ecosystem moving at the same pace, or if certain areas lag behind because of the administrative challenges that are involved.

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