Microsoft schedules Surface Phone launch for 2017

surface-windows-phone-concept_1While the Lumia range may currently represent Microsoft’s primary selection of smartphone hardware, the firm is reportedly working on a new Surface Phone family of devices.

Sources quoted by Windows Central are confident that there will actually be three versions of the Surface Phone on offer, with these devices likely to arrive in 2017, at around the same time as Windows 10 Mobile is updated.

The three models will consist of an affordable mainstream handset, an enterprise-friendly Surface Phone and a top-of-the-line device which can compete with rivals like the Samsung Galaxy S7.

The Surface Phone range is being developed by the people responsible for the critically acclaimed and commercially successful Surface tablet family that Microsoft has touted for the last few years. And if rumours are to be believed, the upcoming handsets will not use ARM-based processors like many of their rivals but will instead harness Intel chipsets.

Windows 10 Mobile recently rolled out to the majority of Microsoft’s Lumia smartphones, introducing updated interface elements, new apps and the latest Edge web browser. But with a small share of the marketplace, the Surface Phone range could be the major shake-up that the software giant needs to make headway against Apple and Google.