Microsoft will bring Cortana to rival platforms

Microsoft CortanaAlthough Cortana is currently an exclusive voice-controlled personal assistant for Windows Phone 8 handsets, Microsoft is, apparently, intending to port it to Android and iOS, according to Reuters.

This would be an interesting move, especially since rival mobile platforms tend to keep core services like this to themselves. Siri is an iOS-only service, for example, but the critical acclaim received by Cortana, as well as the marketing potential of its appearance on alternative handsets, may have spurred Microsoft to this decision.

Cortana is not just tethered to Windows Phone handsets, but will be launching as a desktop service when Windows 10 emerges later this year. So taking this one step further and embracing non-Microsoft software ecosystems, seems like a logical thing to do.

Whether or not Google and Apple will allow the Cortana app through their approval process and onto their platforms is another matter. But Microsoft’s ambitions for Cortana are significant enough to have caught the attention of many industry observers, since the company is keen to push this service as more than a simple voice controlled PA; they want to make it a true artificial intelligence.

Microsoft will, doubtlessly, face some issues when it comes to integrating Cortana with the core features of rival devices, but hopefully, users will be empowered.

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