Microsoft works on new phone security feature

Windows 10Future smartphones launched by Microsoft could be some of the most secure devices on the market, thanks to a new concept for unlocking the screen, which the company has filed a patent to protect, according to WMPowerUser.

This is not just a fingerprint scanner like the ones found on modern iOS and Android devices, but uses this technology to provide a much more comprehensive and deep level of user authentication.

The tech is capable of working out not only the positions of your fingers when placed on or near the display, but also the length of each digit, its angle and position relative to the other fingers.

Basically, people will be able to ditch PIN numbers and use a combination of fingerprint scanning, motion detection, gesture recognition and even facial recognition, to get access to their smartphone.

This may not be something that everyone is too worried about, but for business users or anyone who keeps personal information, image files and other data on their phone, there will be obvious benefits.

Windows 10 has arrived in the past week and people are already looking forward to what Windows 10 Mobile will bring to the market. Added security certainly sounds like a good idea, if Microsoft can implement it in a convenient way.