Mid range LG smartphones will offer superior selfie-snapping capabilities

LG K8 K5
Image via GSM Arena

The LG K8 and K5 have been announced this week, with each device sitting at the more affordable end of the marketplace, to appeal to a younger audience with less money to spend on their next smartphone purchase. And, in spite of their affordability, each phone has been tailored with features that make them especially suitable for taking selfies, according to TechRadar.

The K5 comes with a two megapixel camera up front, which is a modest resolution for selfie capturing. But with the ability to use gestures to activate the camera, it should be easier to line up shots and fire them off, without struggling to find the shutter button or onscreen interface.

Power is provided by a quad core processor and a single gigabyte of RAM. And while onboard storage is limited to 8GB, there is a microSD card slot, meaning users can expand this further and make room for all the pictures and videos they are sure to capture.

A range of premium exteriors are available for the K5 and K8 handsets, with LG opting to stick with classy gold, silver and dark grey, so that these affordable devices feel more valuable than their price tags would suggest.

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