Mid range Samsung Galaxy Premier development rumoured

Samsung Galaxy Premier
Samsung Galaxy Premier

More evidence of a new Galaxy handset from Samsung has emerged online, courtesy of benchmarking site, GLBenchmark, indicating that the new device will be known as the Galaxy Premier and will be a few rungs below the flagship Galaxy S3.

The Galaxy Premier will reportedly feature a dual core 1.5GHz processor, a PowerVR graphics chip and 4.65 inch Super AMOLED display.

An eight megapixel primary camera and two megapixel secondary camera are also on its list of expected components.

While the display will support 720p HD resolutions as standard, it will not match the Galaxy S3 for sheer size. Nor will the Galaxy Premier’s processor feature four physical cores, which means that a mid range price point is more than likely.

The screen will certainly be on the large size, while it will feature version 4.1 of Android, allowing it to sit at the pinnacle of the market when it comes to software.

Since Samsung has not officially confirmed the existence of the Galaxy Premier, it is tough to predict when it might be released or exactly how much it might cost. However, it should fit into Samsung’s range somewhere above the Galaxy Nexus, but a little shy of the Galaxy S3.

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