Mini version of LG G6 inbound

Scaled down iterations of flagship smartphones have often been introduced in past generations, so it is no surprise to see LG planning the same treatment for the G6 this year.

Pocket Lint reports on leaked information about the G6 Mini, which will be smaller than its 5.7 inch sibling, but not by a huge margin.

Sources suggest it will come with a 5.4 inch display which mimics the unusual 18:9 aspect ratio found on the full sized G6. This will shake things up in terms of the look and feel that users can expect from a mid-range model.

Of course, many people will find that the 5.4 inch display of the G6 Mini is still significantly larger than would normally be encountered in this market segment; it is almost as big as an iPhone 7 Plus. But for people with big hands and deep pockets, this will still seem like a suitable step down from the standard G6.

The remaining specifications of the G6 Mini have yet to be announced and there is debate over whether it will retain the same chipset as its stable mate or opt for a more value-oriented set of components to drive down the asking price.