Mobile connectivity rumoured for PSP2

Sony PSP 2
Sony PSP 2?

It seems that Sony will be launching its second PlayStation Portable console, tentatively titled the PSP2, complete with the ability to connect to 3G networks, just like most modern mobile phones.

Providing a handheld console with 3G connectivity is definitely a bonus if users are to experience true freedom of movement and multiplayer on the go, but given that Sony Ericsson is all set to release a PSP-style Android smartphone in the coming months, it would seem that the company is setting up in direct competition against itself.

What will apparently distinguish the PSP2 from Sony Ericsson’s Android smartphone is that the console will not be able to make calls via 3G. This does give the phone an advantage, although true gamers will probably be willing to opt for purchasing a separate portable console, as well as a smartphone.

According to Engadget, the PSP2 will be getting an OLED display, which is great news as it will result in contrast ratios and colour depths that cannot be matched by its rivals. A January 27th launch date is pencilled in and it is said to be capable of matching the PS3 for graphical fidelity, which hints at beefy specs.

Whether this console will erode the market for the Sony Ericsson PSP phone remains to be seen.

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