Mobile SIM cards may die out in the near future

SIM cards
The end of the SIM Card?

SIM cards have been an enduring feature of the mobile market for decades, but now they could be about to come to the end of their reign, with 2016 likely to be the year in which the first smartphones without removable SIMs hit the street.

This is according to a report from the Financial Times. It details secret talks held by Apple and Samsung, two of the world’s biggest mobile manufacturers, with a number of other industry bodies, in an attempt to standardise the design of e-SIM chips.

The idea with an e-SIM is that it will be built into the device itself and rather than tying a handset to a specific network provider, it will instead, be capable of operating in conjunction with a range of operators.

While the talks are still ongoing, it could mean that the Samsung Galaxy S7 and iPhone 7 handsets are among the first to offer an e-SIM experience to users. This means that you will not need to add a separate SIM card to a device when you first collect it, but will, instead, be able to turn it on and start using it straight away.

However we are not sure where this will leave people not buying new phones as over the last few years as Smartphones have got smarter people are not upgrading as often and SIM Card Only Deals have been very popular.