Modular capabilities could come to LG G5

The LG G5: Image credit: Jay McGregor

Smartphones have not offered much in the way of officially authorised user modification, particularly in terms of the hardware they pack. But LG could be changing that when it launches the flagship G5 handset later in the year.

LG is apparently working on making the device partially modular, meaning that users will be able to buy add-ons to improve the camera from its standard form via an input known as ‘Magic Slot’.

Unfortunately, this will involve making the phone bulkier than normal, since the compatible Cam Plus accessory will protrude from the rear of the device, in order to accommodate a shutter button, zoom toggle and an additional 1100mAh battery, to boost the life of the handset provided from a single charge.

The plug and play capabilities of this official accessory are not quite as ambitious as truly modular devices, including Google’s Project Ara and the Fairphone 2. But they suggest that the all-metal LG G5 will not only be a stylish and powerful product, but one which also gives users the option to expand its existing capabilities and improve performance above and beyond what is normally a possibility.