More evidence of Samsung’s first foldable smartphone emerges

Samsung Foldable PhoneThe Samsung Galaxy X may be the first mobile handset which can be folded and flexed without breaking, according to info spotted on the manufacturer’s official site.

Tech Radar reports that the phone is not only cropping up on certain support pages, but is also being filed with various industry bodies in Samsung’s native South Korea. So while it may still be a while away from hitting the market, it is now closer than ever to becoming a reality.

Samsung has championed the curved smartphone display with its Galaxy Edge series, while also working on foldable screens which have yet to arrive on a mass produced model. The Galaxy X could be the device to change all that, making the iPhone X look positively pedestrian in comparison.

Some speculate that the Galaxy X will be unveiled at the Consumer Electronics Show in January next year. If it does receive a launch in 2018, then South Korea itself will likely be the proving ground for the phone ahead of any global launch.

Flexibility is not just about pushing the technological envelope for the sake of it, but also about making smartphones more durable and easier to transport in spite of ever-growing screen sizes.