More images of BlackBerry Priv (Venice) emerge

Blackberry Priv VeniceA new BlackBerry smartphone is on the way and, unlike any of its previous handsets, this upcoming model is reported to be based around the Android operating system, giving it access to millions of apps and games from day one.

Now more images of the phone, which goes by the codename Priv, formally Venice, have appeared online, confirming that it will feature a slider design to encompass a full physical QWERTY keypad, as well as a large touchscreen display, according to Android Authority.

The screen is reportedly curved at the edges, similar to that of Samsung’s S6 Edge, while measuring 5.4 inches across the diameter and benefitting from a QHD resolution.

Combined with one of Qualcomm’s latest Snapdragon chipsets and 3GB of RAM, this will give the next BlackBerry some very impressive specifications that allow it to compete with the rest of the Android market.

Of course, the most remarkable thing about the Priv is that it will be based on Android rather than BlackBerry’s own operating system. And this indicates that perhaps the company is preparing to ditch its in-house OS altogether and, instead, try to claw back some market share with the help of Google’s dominant platform.