More iPhone 7 info leaks

dual SIM iPhone 7
Image via Rock Fix

Images posted to Chinese mobile repair site, Rock Fix, over the weekend have provided a few insights into what Apple mobile phone fans can expect from the upcoming iPhone 7 launch. And the good news for music fans is that it seems that the headphone jack is returning to this range in spite of rumours about its demise.

The snaps also seem to confirm that the handset will come with a pair of camera lenses on the rear rather than the usual setup of a single unit. There is even the promise of the design allowing for the presence of a SIM tray that will support not one but two cards, which will help the iPhone 7 appeal to business users more than any of its predecessors.

Sources claim that the phone will feature up to 256GB of internal storage space, making up for the fact that Apple is persistent in its decision to keep microSD card support off the table for its customers.

The issue with leaks and rumours like this is that their unofficial nature makes it difficult to verify them. And with so many contradictions and counter-claims being made about the iPhone 7 at the moment, it is probably best to hold off judgement until it lands in September.