Moto X Confirmed for Autumn Release

Moto X
Moto X

Motorola will be introducing a brand new flagship device this October, with company chief exec Dennis Woodside confirming this week that it will be called the Moto X. He gave away the name of the phone during the AllThingsD conference and even said that he had a version of the handset on his person, but would not reveal it to attendees.

An American factory will be producing more than two thirds of the Moto X, which apparently makes it the first smartphone to be built in the US. Motorola is of course owned by Google, so you can expect the Moto X to run the very latest version of Android, even if it does come with its own unique interface.

The Moto X is not the only Motorola handset expected to make an appearance later this year, as Woodside said that there are a number of other devices waiting to be revealed by the company in the autumn. While he did not give away much information about the Moto X, he did say that it would be energy efficient and able to live up to user expectations in an increasingly competitive section of the mobile market.

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