Moto X+1 to introduce full HD display

Image via techradar.comMotorola is getting ready to debut the Moto X+1 handset and a few official shots of the phone have already been made public. And now information unveiled by Droid Life, has shown that this device will be one of the firm’s best devices to date, thanks to the presence of a 1080p full HD screen.

So far, fans of Motorola have had to put up with 720p HD panels, offering a little less clarity and crispness than those rivals which sit at the top of the technical tree. But now, observers expect that the Moto X+1 will break that mould.

What is even more interesting about the arrival of 1080p on this handset is that it could be the first indication that full HD is finally becoming a feature of cost-effective handsets, rather than those devices which are quite a bit more expensive.

Of course, 1080p is soon to be superseded, at least on paper, by the arrival of a QHD screen on the LG G3. But since the Motorola Moto X+1 is not competing with this top tier device, it could have a better chance of bringing high res imagery to the masses.

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