Motorola introduces shatterproof smartphone display

Motorola ShattershieldMotorola’s latest innovation in the mobile market is shatterproof display technology, which should help to prevent one of the most common types of damage from occurring to its new Droid Turbo 2 handset. And while this device is only coming out in the US for the time being, its future UK releases should, ultimately, benefit.

The ShatterShield solution developed by Motorola comprises of a quintet of layers all sandwiched together on the front of the phone, covering the display panel and acting to absorb any impacts which are received.

Motorola states that tests have shown this new screen setup is not liable to shattering, cracks or any of the other issues which currently affect other smartphones. In fact, it is so confident in the ShatterShield display that it comes with a four year warranty.

Of course, toughening up the display alone is not enough to prevent other damage from occurring, so Motorola has admitted that this device is not designed to withstand serious impacts to other parts of its construction. But the good news is that if the display does take the brunt of any physical force exerted against it, the damage should be minimal.