Motorola Moto E confirmed

Image via phonearena.comAfter early speculation about the existence of a budget Motorola smartphone called the Moto E, the manufacturer went ahead with an official launch this week, indicating that rumours were actually very close to matching the reality of the situation.

The Moto E is a modestly equipped device that has a 4.3 inch sub-HD screen, a dual core processor with a 1.2GHz clock speed and version 4.4 of the Android operating system onboard.

A number of interchangeable, colourful battery covers will be available to make the Moto E appeal to a younger audience, while in the UK, buyers will be able to pick it up for as little as £89 when it is released.

This puts it in the same league as various incredibly affordable smartphone devices, like the Nokia Lumia 520. And for all intents and purposes, it should provide plenty of features and functions that consumers can get their teeth into, as well as offering access to the Google Play store, which is jam packed with downloadable content to enhance the device.

There are already plenty of cheap Android smartphones around, but Motorola brings impressive brand recognition to the table, which could help the Moto E in the short term.

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