Motorola Moto X likely to get UK launch this month

Moto XMotorola kick-started its comeback last year with the launch of the Moto X smartphone in the US, but it now seems that European buyers will be able to get in on the act.

Engadget reports that a major press event has been scheduled for January 14th by the Google-owned company, complete with an invite, which includes an image of the Moto X itself, stirring up plenty of speculation in the process.

While UK mobile fans can already buy the cheap but powerful Moto G, the Moto X is still limited to being sold in America. But its release on this side of the pond could not only allow people to purchase it, but also access Motorola’s extensive selection of personalisation options as well.

The Moto X is actually a little bit less technically impressive than the Moto G as it uses a dual rather than a quad core processor. But with the event approaching, Motorola might have a few surprises up its sleeve and the device being launched on January 14th could be completely new on the inside, albeit with an exterior which is similar to that of its older siblings.

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