Motorola to offer custom phone designs

Moto X
Moto X

The Moto X smartphone from Motorola is coming soon and this Google-owned manufacturer is attempting to make it a real talking point, thanks to the announcement that it will be available as a fully personalised handset which is, effectively, designed by users.

As well as being able to select the colour of the phone, buyers will be able to get a message engraved on the back plate.

This will be available to customers in America, mostly because Motorola is actually building the device stateside for the first time in a long time.

Whether or not this is actually available to people in the UK remains to be seen, but it is certainly an interesting prospect and one which goes beyond what most rival handsets can offer.

There were some suggestions that users would be able to customise the hardware as well, but ABC News reports that only the onboard storage will be adjustable.

The Moto X is going to be touching down in October and it will probably be a mid-range device, aimed at the youth market, which is alluded to by the inclusion of the personalisation options. It will be competing with a budget iPhone by that point, also with an array of hues on offer.

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