Motorola X impresses early viewers

Motorola X

Ever since Google took over mobile manufacturer Motorola, the market has been waiting with baited breath for a truly killer smartphone to emerge from this new partnership.

Now it seems that the time may have come, as the upcoming Motorola X device is apparently wowing industry insiders.

Australian network provider boss, Hugh Bradlow, is the most recent advocate of the as yet unrevealed Motorola X, as according to Smarthouse, he has been publicly expressing his confidence in the quality of this device.

Bradlow alleges that the X is able to compete with its closest rivals, including the iPhone and Samsung Galaxy ranges, precisely because it is able to offer features that they cannot deliver.

He also said that the X will represent a top tier Android experience because it is of course being engineered with Google’s direct involvement.

Hopefully, the Motorola X will come with Android 5.0 Key Lime Pie, along with a high end touchscreen display and a multi-core processor, although at the moment there is virtually no solid information on its hardware or software.

It is assumed that the X will get its official launch during the I/O conference that Google is hosting in May. Android fans will be eager to see whether it lives up to expectations.

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