Motorola’s next premium handsets emerge

Motorola g5s
Motorola g5s

Motorola is set to introduce a pair of new smartphones in the near future, with the G5S and G5S Plus both set to boast all-metal exteriors to give them a high end feel, according to Android Authority.

The smaller G5S will have a 5.2 inch display with a full HD resolution, while the G5S Plus will come with a larger 5.5 inch panel that shares the same pixel count.

Insider sources suggest that these phones should also be quite powerful, with octa-core processors at their heart. Now leaked images show that they will also sport dual camera lenses on the rear surface, improving their photographic capabilities compared with the existing G5 range.

The good news is that although some manufacturers seem intent on killing off the traditional headphone socket, Motorola is not taking this route. There will also be a physical home button with a built-in finger print scanner for added security and convenience.

Although the G5S and G5S Plus seem to offer a good range of competiti