Mozilla prepping its Firefox OS for launch

firefox os
Firefox OS

The mobile operating system from Mozilla, which is most famous for its Firefox web browser, is set to make its debut on smartphones this month, according to an official announcement from the company.

Firefox OS is going to be available to Spanish mobile buyers onboard a handset called the ZTE Open for around  60, as part of a pay as you go contract.

There will also be a device from manufacturer, Alcatel, in the next few days, offering an alternative to buyers who do not want just another Android-based budget smartphone.

Firefox OS has various apps and services built in, such as Facebook and Twitter. There are even GPS and mapping capabilities, along with a comprehensively feature-packed web browser, as you might expect.

At the moment there is no word on when the first Firefox OS handsets will be landing in the UK, or indeed whether it will even make it to these shores.

However, it would feel like a bit of a missed opportunity if this were the case, as there is surely a market for another affordable smartphone device, particularly one which will put an emphasis on offering excellent web browsing.

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