New BlackBerry handset sells well after initial UK launch

Blackberry Z10

The BlackBerry Z10, which went on sale in the UK last week and sports the spanking new BB 10 operating system, is selling out at many of the British retailers that stock it, according to CNET.

The Carphone Warehouse has announced that several of its high street stores are completely sold out of Z10 handsets, while major mobile network operators who are supporting the device have also confirmed that it is proving to be a popular device.

BlackBerry could sell up to 100,000 of the Z10 in its native Canada, if current pre-order figures prove to be accurate, so the early signs seem positive for what is being deemed a make or break smartphone for the firm.

With a 4.2 inch HD display, a dual core processor and that aforementioned operating system, the Z10 is definitely an intriguing proposition. In addition, the BlackBerry brand remains strong, which gives it a head start.

The real test may come when the BlackBerry Q10 touches down in April, since this full QWERTY device will be a more traditional mobile and might indicate whether or not the market still has a taste for such designs.

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