New Chinese smartphone mirrors Galaxy Note 7 specs

Meizu Pro 6 PlusWhile Samsung may have been forced to discontinue the Note 7 phablet after the battery debacle, Chinese manufacturer, Meizu, has stepped in to fill the gap in the market left by its exit with a handset known as the Pro 6.

It has very similar hardware components to the defunct Note 7, including the Exynos 8890 processor, a 5.7 inch AMOLED display and a healthy 4GB chunk of RAM. It even has extras like a fingerprint scanner built in, although it lacks the stylus of its Samsung counterpart.

Those concerned about whether the Pro 6 will suffer the same explosive battery problems as the Note 7 will be pleased to see that it actually has a slightly smaller cell, presumably indicating that it comes from a different source.

This may be an Android device, but the exterior styling is very similar to that of the current iPhone 7 range, so it stands out from the Note 7 in this way.

Meizu will be selling the Pro 6 to British buyers online, although its pricing has yet to be confirmed. This company is looking to capitalise on the failure of the Note 7 and could win a small but significant slice of the market as a result.