New design technique may prevent iPhone display damage

iPhone 6 PlusAny smartphone owner will be familiar with the fear of doing damage to their handset’s display, even if they have managed to avoid this unfortunate fate so far. And the popularity of the iPhone range, coupled with the use of glass in the construction of its screen, makes it particularly susceptible to smashing problems.

Now it looks like Apple is actively attempting to address this issue by doing more than merely toughening up the glass surface of the screen, with a patent filed recently by the firm showing that future iPhone models may have integrated shock absorbers.

The idea is that when the iPhone detects that it is taking a tumble, the absorbers will fire out of the front and take the brunt of the impact, preventing damage to the display in the process.

The fragility of iPhone models has been criticised in the past, particularly with last year’s iPhone 6. The iPhone 6S is better equipped to take the rough and tumble of daily use than its predecessors, but if the iPhone 7 arrives with its own active display damage prevention system, then it may be the most durable Apple device to date.