New device from Fairphone teased

Fairphone 2Ethical electronics firm Fairphone was present at MWC 2017 in Barcelona this week, with chief exec, Bas van Abel, revealing that it is seeking to expand the number of products that it offers, according to Tech Radar.

Fairphone takes a two tier approach to defining the advantages of its handsets, focusing not only on ensuring that they are easy to upgrade and recycle, but also on the use of minerals and materials which are derived from parts of the world which are not afflicted by conflicts.

While the company’s head would not commit to saying precisely which types of devices Fairphone might produce, he did suggest that tablets and headsets are not entirely out of the question.

The Fairphone 2, the current flagship smartphone it offers, is equipped with a modular design which means that certain components can be replaced. This means that there is no need to ditch the entire device after two years, but instead users can simply upgrade the elements that are looking a little long in the tooth, making ownership much more sustainable and cost-effective.

While other major manufacturers may continue to be scandalised by the processes involved in manufacturing their mobiles, Fairphone continues to be a beacon of ethical sustainability.