New LG Arena deals on site now

LG ArenaThere are some new cheaper LG Arena deals on the site now so we thought it would be a good time for us to try and explain why we think the LG Arena has become our best selling mobile phone in April…

The LG Arena handset is curently stealing many, many sales from the Nokia 5800 which until now has been a runaway success due to it’s low price point and great features.  However a lot of mobile phone buyers are now opting for the LG Arena as the cheapest deals for the LG Arena are only about £90 (£202 compared to £292) more expensive than the equivalent Nokia 5800 deals on the same T-Mobile Combi 30 tariff.

Ok so £90 is quite a lot in terms of cash in the current economic climate but in terms of the differences between the 2 phones, £90 buys you a lot of extra functionality and features on the LG Arena and when put up head to head against the LG Arena the 5800 simply gets blown away:

The LG Arena has an amazing 3D touch interface called S-Class, hailed as the most impressive touchscreen interface since the iPhone, it has 8GB internal memory (expandable to 24GB via a microSD card) , 5 megapixel camera which can record movies in DVD quality video and also plays DivX files.

The Nokia 5800 in contrast only has a 3.2 megapixel camera and does not have large internal memory (can take upto 16GB via microSD.

Both phones are 3G (HDSPA) phones, have a 3.5mm  headphone (audio) jacks and have GPS built in.

Don’t get us wrong the Nokia 5800 is a great touchscreen phone but we and the UK mobile phone buyers it seems believe it is worth paying a little premium for the extra features of the LG Arena.

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