New Mobile Checker Web Site

Mobile CheckerMobile Checker was set up 6 years ago as a free, independent and impartial web comparison service for people looking to buy a new mobile phone but unaware of some of the brilliant offers that are available exclusively online.

Since Mobile Checker was launched the web and the mobile phone industry has changed an incredible amount. To try and embrace as many of the changes in web browsing habits and what people look for in a mobile phone deal we have spent a great deal of time creating a brand new web site to make it even easier to compare mobile phone deals.

The site is fully responsive which means that it should adjust nicely to whatever screen size you happen to be viewing the site on which as we have seen is increasingly some form of mobile phone or tablet computer.

The new site is still considered a work in progress by us but we can only improve things if YOU add your thoughts and comments to blog posts such as this telling us what you like / don’t like etc!

We hope you find the new web site an invaluable resource when you are looking for your next mobile phone deal

Andy and the Mobile Checker team.

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